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The State of IT Employment in Philadelphia

With our recent expansion to the Philadelphia market, we’re excited to see things hopping over here in the City of Brotherly Love. In order to better understand the challenges local organizations are facing when hiring tech professionals, we make a point to keep a finger on the pulse of the area’s IT scene. Here […]

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Getting to the KORE with Steve Quarles

Name: Steve Quarles

Title: Co-Founder/President

Email Address:

College/University: San Diego State University

As the Co-Founder and President, Steve has built a reputation as a leader within the staffing community. He is constantly staying up to date with the latest hiring trends in order to stay competitive. Over the last few years, Steve has been apart of Kore1’s success with winning […]

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How eLearning Can Boost Your Tech Career

As the technology landscape continues to shift and grow and deepen, so too do the various complexities of business processes, cybersecurity, customer engagement, and more. And yet, in most cases, the value of digitizing is far greater than the potential burden. This is especially true in the case of professional development and eLearning. In […]

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