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Exploring the Top Challenges for IT Executives

It is difficult to imagine a workplace in any industry that does not rely on technology to some extent. More and more, we are becoming dependent on the digital world every day. When it works well, most employees don’t think twice about the technology at their fingertips, but as soon as a program crashes […]

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KORE1 Hires Sales Manager Ryan Grozinski for Philadelphia Office

KORE1, a leading provider of IT and creative staffing solutions nationwide, is excited to announce the hiring of Ryan Grozinski to oversee the Philadelphia, PA office located at 1650 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

“I’m honored to represent KORE1 in my hometown of Philadelphia,” said Ryan. “I know firsthand that there are tremendous opportunities here, […]

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Getting to the KORE with Devin Hornick

Name: Devin Hornick

Title: Senior Partner and Senior Vice President

Email Address:

College/University: University of Southern California

Devin Hornick is a 20 year staffing and recruiting veteran currently leading as Sr. Partner & Vice President with Kore1 Technologies in Irvine, CA. Devin joined the executive leadership team at Kore1 in September 2013 to build out a direct hire/search division and […]

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