2022 Salary Guides

Our Comprehensive 2022 Salary Guide is Here!

As we continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19 on economies, businesses, and people around the world, we’re noticing extraordinary change when it comes to hiring and retention. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything; not only the way we live our daily lives, but also the way we work, collaborate, and attract new candidates.


For the past six years, KORE1’s experts have shared their knowledge to help you tackle hiring challenges head-on, offering information on emerging trends, in-demand skill sets, and the salary data you need to hire talented professionals.


Our latest salary guide is no different, but this year, we’re examining current trends on dropping retention rates and shifting worker expectations.

We also cover the hiring trends likely to shape the world of work for years to come, including the expansion of remote work and cloud-native platforms, the continued emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and the importance of eco-aesthetics. Our 2022 Salary Guide also includes:

  • Industry-specific trends
  • 2022 national average and high-end average salaries
  • A salary calculator to determine salary estimates by region