About Brian Hunt

Brian leads our consulting practice and focuses on high level strategy, and team building. Brian brings with him 15 years of experience helping organizations with technology strategy and delivery challenges. During his career, Brian has been exposed to a wide range of companies and technology initiatives. His unique blend of business and technology expertise allows him to excel at planning and developing technology initiatives that meet business objectives. He believes that every IT supported organization has difficulty keeping up with changing business needs and rapidly advancing technology. Companies need to continuously evaluate and align their internal and external resources to ensure that they are maximizing the potential of realizing their objectives.

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing is Right for COVID-19 and Beyond

When surveyed about COVID-19, many of the top CFOs in the U.S. and Mexico expressed concern about their 2020 revenues and profitability. Most recognized the coming months would require them to streamline their supply chain, solutions, workforce, and operations to remain in the black. Yet there was an additional risk: if they cut too […]

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A Jobseeker’s Guide to Building a Strong Relationship with Your Recruiter

Partnering with a recruiter has the power to take your career to the next level, unlocking unique employment opportunities and providing a great resource for industry insight. While some professionals believe that working with a recruiter is a one-time occurrence, it’s advantageous to develop a strong, long-term relationship with your recruiter. With their extensive […]

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Attracting Diverse Candidates in a Full Employment Market

Fostering a diverse workplace is crucial for an organization to innovate and thrive in today’s society. Without diversity, corporate climates would become stagnant, with everyone sharing analogous ideas and taking similar actions. Developing an ecosystem made up of employees from diverse ethnicities, genders, races, ages, and religions works wonders to create a well-rounded company. […]

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KORE1 Launches Digital and Creative Staffing Division

KORE1 is pleased to announce the launch of its Digital and Creative talent division. Focused on placing top marketing, advertising, creative and digital talent with innovative companies, this division comes as a natural extension to our existing staffing services, particularly in information technology.

Advertising and other creative sectors have been growing exponentially on a global […]

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An Employer’s Perspective: Should You Hire a Contractor or Full Time Employee?

As the business landscape continues to evolve and the struggle to find top talent persists, it’s worth re-evaluating your hiring practices in order to optimize your workforce.

For instance, it’s becoming more common for many top IT professionals to choose contract and consulting opportunities over full time, permanent positions. But this trend brings with it […]

Know Your Role and Stick to it…

I’m very anxious to continue to follow a Study being conducted by San Francisco State University.  They are conducting a study on what makes a successful software development effort.  The premise of the study builds on my fundamental belief that technology projects fail because of people and more specifically teams.  I personally believe there […]

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What is the Big Deal About Big Data?

For those of you that don’t know, Big Data is a new spin on an old concept. It’s one part industry rebranding old news and one part a change in old news. Large companies have been capturing massive amounts of data and pushing it to their “Data Warehouse”. Then they would use “Business Intelligence” […]

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How to Tune an IT Department

Information Technology is a mystery for most executives (specifically CEOs and CFOs.  If you poll all C-Level executives, I would bet most of them have a story about an IT project or budget that blew his earnings.  When a CEO has to explain to the board why an ERP implementation went $15 million over […]

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Why Building Software is Just Like Building a House

If you have ever built a house you know that its not an easy process, and fixing up a house can be even more painful. There was a classic 80’s movie called the Money Pit. Tom Hanks was the owner of an old “fixer upper” and the whole movie focused on him going broke […]

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