4 Boston Tech Jobs on the Rise

Boston is thriving. By 2030, the city will have reached a population of 709,000, a number it has not seen since before 1960, and employees in the city are more productive than the average American worker. Boston’s tech sector is an integral part of the city’s success, with a mix of innovative startups and […]

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KORE1 Selected for Irvine Small Business Excellence Award

KORE1, a leading provider of IT and creative staffing solutions nationwide, has been selected for the 2017 Irvine Small Business Excellence Award in the Employment Agencies classification by the Irvine Small Business Excellence Award Program.

The program focuses on quality, choosing organizations that the selection committee believes have achieved outstanding marketing success in their business […]

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Your 2018 IT, Creative, and Engineering Salary Guide Has Arrived

It’s no secret that finding and recruiting skilled talent in today’s market is often a difficult and lengthy process for even the most seasoned hiring manager. Multiple industries are grappling with stark talent shortages that leave roles open, hurt productivity, and negatively impact bottom lines.

That is precisely why determining compensation levels that can capture […]

Staffing Leader KORE1 Invests in Denver Through Acquisition of Kranect

Irvine, CA – KORE1, a leading provider of IT, creative, and engineering staffing solutions nationwide, has announced the acquisition of native Denver IT staffing firm Kranect. The CEO & Founder of Kranect, Rolf Kramer, will transition into the role of Managing Partner for this new Colorado branch of KORE1.

“Kranect is the pinnacle of IT […]

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4 Sales Industry Trends Impacting Your Career

Sales roles may be some of the oldest positions in business, but that doesn’t mean sales techniques have remained the same. Over the years a number of innovations have come and gone, some destined to remain brief fads while others have ingrained themselves into the fabric of a sales professional’s process. When evaluating which […]

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Why You Should Sell for the IT Staffing Industry

The sales field is massive. Even though the titles of many sales positions are the same, the role looks vastly different across industries. The struggles, opportunities, and even day-to-day responsibilities can vary. However, there is always one constant: salespeople for any industry work hard and risk burning out over the years. When it’s time […]

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What Does a Ban on Asking Candidates for Historic Salary Information Mean for Your Recruiting Strategy?

Times are certainly changing, and nowhere are they changing faster than in employment law. Massachusetts has become the first state to ban employers from asking candidates about their salary history with a law that takes effect in July 2018. Designed to ensure equal pay for equal work, the legislation seeks to avoid a job […]

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KORE1 Launches East Coast Office with Boston Managing Director Jeff Sudati

Irvine, CA – KORE1, a leading provider of IT and creative staffing solutions nationwide, has hired Managing Director Jeff Sudati to oversee a new Boston branch ready to serve the northeastern United States.

“Having grown up in Boston and worked in the city for over 35 years, I’ve developed a deep connection with many individuals […]

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How H-1B Visa Uncertainty Affects U.S. Employers, Job Seekers, and Consumers

After a call for H-1B visa reform earlier this year, the talk surrounding the topic has been never-ending. Months later, there are still no concrete law changes or indications of what the future of the H-1B program will look like. This is causing mass confusion and concern for companies and job seekers everywhere who […]

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Interface Design and Development for Large Health Insurer

The Company: One of the largest, customer-owned health insurers in the US
Our client offers a variety of health and life insurance products and related services to employers and individuals.

The client was in the process of redesigning its employer, sales and consumer facing user interfaces in order to streamline internal operations and improve efficiency and brand experience for three primary audiences. With customerfacing work already under way, the client reached out to KORE1 to provide consultants for the experience design, testing, and development.


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