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When 2020 began, the national unemployment rate had fallen to record lows and retaining quality talent was set to be the year’s great challenge. That all changed in March when the U.S. was overtaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting mass shutdowns, and triggering one of the worst job crises since the Great Depression.

The pandemic may be ongoing, but our 2021 Salary Guides look ahead to the employment and hiring trends likely to shape the world of work for years to come. We deliver insights and salary data for the IT, engineering, creative, accounting & finance, and scientific fields.

Our 2021 guides include:

  • The Current State of U.S. Employment
  • 2021 Employment and Hiring Trends
  • Industry-Specific Trends
  • 2021 Salaries
  • Salary calculator to determine salaries by region

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