The Client

A leading enterprise lending and technology solutions company serving financial institutions, auto dealers, retail, and medical providers. Their products apply innovative solutions to indirect lending, consumer and mortgage loan origination, point-of-sale, digital retail, analytics, marketing and CRM, auto shopping and business process outsourcing.

The Challenge

The client needed to build up a team to launch a new service minded mortgage business. They were searching for a recruiting solution that could scale to fit their needs while minimizing variable costs. The client approached KORE1 to learn about Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) based on their known hiring demand and timeline.

The Solution

KORE1 built a recruiting team for the client based on the client’s specific hiring needs and monthly targets. The team of five, including two onshore recruiters and three offshore sourcers, helped accelerate the hiring process while reducing the client’s projected hiring costs by 50 percent. The client hired 10 people within two months in order to meet demand and planned to continue hiring at this rate for a year, accounting for half of the client’s direct goal. KORE1 also provided expertise and guidance on how to plan and schedule continued hiring in order to meet the client’s aggressive target numbers.

The Result

When COVID-19 happened, the client’s hiring plans were significantly disrupted. However, working with KORE1’s RPO solution meant recruiter capacity was easy to adapt and right size, saving the client money. Operating as an extension of the client’s internal team, KORE1 was able to collaborate with the client to address their needs and understand where work was still required. When the pandemic begins to subside and the client is ready to increase hiring again, KORE1’s unique RPO model will enable the client to quickly scale back up, addressing project needs efficiently and affordably.

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