KORE1’s Devin Hornick Promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President

By Steve Quarles on September 23, 2015 in Inside KORE1


KORE1, a highly technical recruiting and staffing solutions firm with nationwide influence, is pleased to announce that Devin Hornick has been promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President at KORE1. Devin has been the lead producer at the company, driving the team towards client service excellence and growing KORE1’s connections to fit the business community at large.

Devin has been a Managing Partner at KORE1 since August 2013, and has been immersed in technical staffing for nearly 20 years. His contingent and retained search staffing industry expertise, his deep commitment, and his natural rapport with clients have further transformed the level of service KORE1 has long offered.

Devin Hornick Senior Partner and VP

In his new role as Senior Partner and Vice President, Devin will continue to unleash his passion for day-to-day contingent staffing matchmaking. He will also work closely with KORE1 President Steve Quarles to grow and expand contract service areas during 2016. Devin will additionally continue to represent KORE1 in the Orange County community by continuing to build Visionary Executive Network Orange County (VEN-OC) as a way to establish and maintain meaningful connections with C-Level executives.

“My excitement is at the same high level as always. KORE1 provides me with some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, professionally and personally. I’m incredibly excited about our continued 50% growth year over year,” said Devin. “I believe that when you take the time to sincerely care for others, their careers, their families and their happiness, beautiful things happen.”

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About KORE1

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