Mission and Values

The KORE1 Mission

Our mission as a consulting solutions company is to help companies and individuals make the best possible decisions about working together.  We seek to understand both the company needs and the needs of individuals to create a better connection between individuals and new opportunities.   We are firmly rooted in our core values and look for individuals and companies who operate under a similar sets of values.

KORE1 Values

  1. Integrity – We hold ourselves and others to the highest level of honesty and integrity
  2. Relationships – We value our relationships and will do everything we can to provide a great experience working with us
  3. Accountability – We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our actions
  4. Communication – We look to over communicate but not over promise, we set expectations and try to exceed those expectations
  5. Persistence – We never give up but we don’t want to waste your time and we appreciate the importance of our time and the time of individuals we work with
  6. Professionalism – We always face an uncomfortable situation in a professional manner and try to be fair to everyone involved
  7. Guidance – We don’t hesitate to offer advice but we never do so without listening and understanding the needs of all parties
  8. Passion – We look for people who are passionate and who leverage that passion to bring out the best in themselves
  9. Progress – We strive to embrace change and always look for ways to be more efficient
  10. Fun – We laugh as much as possible even if we just laugh at ourselves