Mission and Values

The KORE1 Value Statement

Our passion at KORE1 is to enrich the lives of our community through our commitment to service. This commitment comes from the understanding and belief that it is only when we create a strong foundation for our community that we are able to expand as a company.


We do this by utilizing presence to bring our full attention to each moment and use that presence to be a vessel for conscious leadership to inspire right action through every interaction and situation that we encounter. This, in turn, fosters a deep sense of connection and trust. From here we have the courage to express our truth from a place of compassion and empathy.


Consistent right action leads to success and success is fun. Life, after all, is meant to be fun, so let’s make sure we are doing our part!


We think of others before ourselves. We serve our co-workers, candidates, clients, and community first


We are grateful for our unique talents that create amazing results


We have the courage to express our truth and from this place genuine progress is made


We bring the gift of our full attention to this moment leaving room for consciousness to inspire the right action(s)


We make the best of every situation