Technology remains the number one way for companies to gain an edge over the competition. Aligning your technology plan with your business plan is critical, and it should be driven by the CEO. Is the business growing or sustaining? Will growth come from acquisition or organic expansion? Will the company be sold or restructured within a short period of time? Unless it isn’t supporting a clear strategic vision, technology will fall short or cost more than it should. That’s the value of IT strategy services.

What We Do

Business PlanningWe don’t claim to know your business better than you. (We leave those claims to high-priced consulting firms.) Whether your plans are in your head, in a PowerPoint, or plastered on your wall, they’re critical to the success of your IT department. Growth plans, expansion plans, and acquisitions plans all need to be considered when building a good technology plan.

Budget Analysis – Whether they choose to admit it or not, most companies are either spending too much or too little on IT. Spend too much and you miss your profit goals. Spend too little and risk falling behind the competition.

Too many companies spend too much money to support existing systems instead of growing and innovating. We’ll help you develop a clear understanding of your budget metrics and benchmarks, so you can put your tech dollars where they’ll count. 

Initiative Planning – Your company objectives span beyond IT. Maybe you’re planning to expand into a new location or to launch a new business unit. We’ll help you focus your initiatives and the projects they drive. Keep your company’s lights on while you keep investing in the search for the next light.

System Planning – Initiatives lead to projects lead to systems. Are your current systems enough to achieve your goals? How much do those systems cost to manage? Which ones deserve an upgrade? These are the questions addressed in systems planning.

Project Planning – If you have an initiative plan and a system plan, you can start to plan your projects. Planning and prioritizing projects is critical to successfully delivering technology solutions. We rely on several methods to shape the priority list that best supports your business initiatives. Balanced scorecards can help quantitatively prioritize projects. Steering committees can be ideal for socializing projects and uncovering unforeseen issues or challenges.

Resource Planning – A well thought-out roadmap guides the right decisions for resourcing projects—and avoids the need for hasty reactions in the later stages. We work closely with clients to prepare a long-term view of resourcing needs, smoothing project delivery on time and on budget.


  • Alignment of IT spending with business objectives
  • Clear view of where your IT dollars are going
  • Systems that robustly support your business initiatives
  • A portfolio of projects prioritized both politically and quantitatively
  • A plan for your IT department’s development, and for what skills you’ll need down the road