2024 Salary Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Industry and Profession-Specific Insights and Resources

Your KORE1 2024 Salary Guide is Here!


Looking to take your business or career to the next level? Want to ensure your compensation package is competitive and fair? You’ve come to the right place.


KORE1’s 2024 Salary Guide includes a salary calculator to determine salaries by region, as well as insights on:

  • The current state of hiring
  • Industry-specific trends
  • 2024 salary averages for top positions

Our comprehensive guide offers high-level, straightforward analyses of salary trends and the latest technological advancements within the IT, engineering, accounting & finance, healthcare, and digital & creative services markets. With data collected from industry associations, government agencies, and our own internal research, our guide provides a broad and credible view of current hiring conditions.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Stay competitive by downloading KORE1’s 2024 Salary Guide today.