Workforce Planning & IT Strategy

Optimizing Your Workforce

You need talent with the skills and experience to keep your business on the leading edge. With KORE1’s workforce management and strategy services, we help you achieve a competitive advantage with the right mix of planning, resources, and support.


Discover how KORE1 can optimize your workforce today.

Our Workforce Planning Process

Organization Audit

We conduct a complete audit and make recommendations on how to evolve your workforce to meet the needs of your business.

Talent Planning

With a strategy outlined, we consider your current resources and future project roadmap to assess the talent mix required and effectively position your talent pool.

Team Structuring

We determine the mix of internal and external resources required and map out a detailed plan with opportunities for growth while controlling cost.


After reviewing the project portfolio, we recommend projects that can be outsourced and help implement the right mix of offshore and onshore support.

IT Strategy Services with KORE1

Aligning your technology plan with your business plan is critical to staying ahead of the competition. With KORE1’s IT strategy services you get:

Business Planning

We consider your growth, expansion, and acquisition plans to lay the foundation for a strategic technology plan that fits your needs.

Initiative, System, and Project Planning

Your business initiatives go beyond IT. With KORE1, we help you focus your initiatives, review your current systems, and plan and prioritize projects.

Budget Analysis

We help you develop a clear understanding of your budget metrics and benchmarks so that your IT spending will have maximum impact.

Resource Planning

Gain a long-term view of resourcing needs with a roadmap to guide decisions, ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget.

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