The Most In-Demand Creative Jobs for 2017

By Kelly McMahon on March 13, 2017 in Creative Hiring


The digital revolution and continued advancement of new technology has fueled job growth in many areas, including in the creative industry. In particular, the digital media sector has driven a strong demand for creative roles required in producing modern advertisements, experiences, and products. With mobile usage skyrocketing and digital media agencies enjoying growth that outpaces traditional TV, hiring in the creative sector shows no signs of slowing down. The most in-demand creative jobs for 2017 are the ones tailored to this contemporary digital landscape.

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Digital Designer

With 90th percentile salaries reaching $82,000, Digital Designers are enjoying a great deal of demand, especially in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Truly a job for the modern design era, the role requires not only traditional design skills but also a strong knowledge of technical environments.

Digital Copywriter

A large industry focus on producing unique, entertaining, and attention-grabbing copy for digital screens has driven a strong need for Digital Copywriters. The median salary for this role clocks in at a healthy $63,000.

Interactive Project Manager

Its median salary of $83,000 says a lot about the necessity for experienced Interactive Project Managers. Another truly modern role, the position is the backbone of the interactive products flooding out of businesses. Executives recognize the value of having a skilled individual in this role, and they will pay top dollar for it.

Creative Director

The role of Creative Director sits at the helm of an organization’s creative efforts. While not a new role by any means, today’s Creative Director must understand the shifting digital landscape and be able to speak the language of writers, artists, sales teams, and executives alike. The 90th percentile in this role earn a whopping $130,000, indicating the level of responsibilities involved.

Graphic Designer

Even as times change, the role of Graphic Designer is one that is unwavering. Truly artists, Graphic Designers are in hot demand in Chicago especially, earning an average of $50,671. And when specialized in a certain design service, they typically earn 30% more.

Social Media Manager

Investing in social media is now unavoidable for a business, and the job market reflects this contemporary necessity. A Social Media Manager requires a great deal of creativity and ability to produce on the fly, all while publicly representing an organization. In Southern California, the role can fetch up to $85,000.

Marketing Manager

Sought-after both in the Chicago and Southern California markets, the Marketing Manager role is expected to grow 9-13% through 2024. With no signs of slowing down, we expect the average salary of $86,151 to rise accordingly as business leaders rely on this role to bring in new customers and generate revenue.

Account Manager

An increase in the need for management that can think and operate creatively has increased demand for Account Manager roles across the country. Requiring the ability to maintain and cultivate relationships with clients and the media, Account Managers often develop skills in public relations. The median salary of $101,510 shows just how important this role has become.

Content Strategist

A heavy focus on content marketing has produced a strong need for individuals that can creatively plan and execute an organization’s original content production strategy. Average salary for the role is $82,941 in Southern California.

Web Designer

Technology has reached a point where consumers expect most devices to have internet connectivity. Web Designers are in great demand to produce the smoothest and most user-friendly experience possible. In Chicago, the average salary is $63,482.

In-Demand Creative Jobs

As this list of the most in-demand creative jobs proves, the industry has been bolstered and shaped by modern technology. With technological advancements increasing at an exponential rate, contemporary creatives that keep their skills up-to-date will continue to enjoy a healthy job outlook through 2017 and beyond.

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