Here’s Your 2017 IT & Creative Salary Guide

By Kore1 on January 30, 2017 in Creative Hiring, IT Salary


Did you know 37% of IT professionals plan on searching for a new job this year? And 59% of those professionals say they’re underpaid.

On the creative side, there are six open positions for every active candidate. The marketing and advertising industry is the second fastest growing sector in Inc. 5000 companies.

Those are eye-opening statistics. It means growth, demand, and competition. Compensation has and always will be a major factor in recruiting and retention strategies. That’s why up-to-date salary data is so important.

Whether you’re hiring for open positions, evaluating corporate compensation structures, or looking for a new opportunity yourself, gaining a deeper understanding of your local market is critical.

Get KORE1’s 2017 IT & Creative Salary Guide today for in-depth salary comparisons and insightful market observations.

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