KORE1 is acutely aware of the importance of people in our business. We are continuously seeking high character individuals who thrive on challenge and who can excel in a collaborative, high energy environment focused on meeting the needs of consultants and clients.

KORE1 is successful because of our people and because of our culture. Work takes up a large part of the waking day. We understand this and we strive to promote a work environment that is fun, energetic and interesting. We believe that productivity level and positive mental attitude are directly correlated. As a result we do everything possible to make sure that we provide each internal staff member with as much support as needed to maintain a consistently positive, upbeat attitude and personality.

Another important aspect of KORE1’s culture is the internal promotional structure. KORE1 hires from within. Typically, Technical Recruiters are promoted to Account Managers, and Account Managers into Branch Managers. We believe leadership naturally rises to the top and mentorship training helps guide young leaders to reach maximum potential.

Work-Life Balance

Work/Life Balance is defined as the achievement of equality between time spent working and one’s personal life.

KORE1 believes that positive mental attitude produces the highest levels of productivity. KORE1 also believes in balance. We have developed a voluntary “Work/Life Balance” program designed to help internal staff members balance life’s stresses with the demands of the workplace.

The Work/Life Balance program has statistically shown improvements in performance, accountability and commitment with decreases in stress and frustration for many internal staff members.

The Work/Life Balance program is available to all internal KORE1 staff members. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member of the KORE1 team, contact us at (949)-706-6990.

Open Opportunities

KORE1 is always looking to hire exceptional recruiters and account managers. If you have what it takes and wants to see if we are a match for you, check out our open positions: