KORE1 Earns 2017 Best Places to Work in Orange County Award

By Kore1 on July 25, 2017 in Inside KORE1


Irvine, CA – KORE1, a leading provider of IT and creative staffing solutions nationwide, has earned the 2017 Orange County Business Journal’s Best Places to Work award by placing 23rd on this year’s list. This program is dedicated to identifying and recognizing Orange County, California’s best employers that have been in business at least one year and have a minimum of 15 employees.

“The Best Places to Work distinction means more to us than any other award because it is the voice of our employees,” said Brian Hunt, CEO and Managing Partner of KORE1. “We would not be where we are today without the dedication of our workforce, and we are grateful for their vital contributions to KORE1’s success.”

The Orange County Business Journal determines which organizations to designate as one of Orange County’s Best Places to Work through a two-part process designed to gather detailed data about each participating company. First, the employer will complete a questionnaire covering policies, practices, benefits, and demographics. Then, employees complete a 78-question survey that covers the categories of Leadership and Planning, Corporate Culture and Communications, Role Satisfaction, Work Environment, Relationship with Supervisor, Training, Development and Resources, Pay and Benefits, and Overall Engagement.

“From the very beginning, we have always sought to make sure each and every one of our employees feel valued,” said Steve Quarles, President of KORE1. “It’s an honor receiving this award and confirms that we have built an engaged culture and satisfying professional environment over the years.”

All results are tabulated and analyzed in order to determine which organizations reached necessary benchmarks for designation as one of the Best Places to Work. Participating companies receive a question-by-question breakdown of the results to understand how they have performed. 100% of KORE1 employee survey-takers were in agreement with many statements, including “This organization treats me like a person, not a number,” “Quality is a top priority with this organization,” “I feel I am valued in this organization,” and “My supervisor helps me develop to my fullest potential.”

In addition to statistics on individual questions, employers also received anonymous feedback left by survey takers. When asked “What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?” KORE1 employees made the following statements:

“KORE1 gives us all of the necessary tools to be successful as well as the freedom to use them as we want. We are not micro-managed; simply motivated by the high-level personnel and high-performing nature of the company.”

“The partners of this organization create a collaborative environment where everyone is part of the family and overall goals of the organization. We all have input on the work we do, and are able to voice our opinions for potential improvements regularly. My boss in particular makes me feel like a rock star, which makes me want to work harder for him. I love my coworkers, and genuinely enjoy seeing them throughout the day.”

“There is a strong sense of community at KORE1. Each employee strives not only to do his or her best work but to make the company successful. I have felt welcomed and part of the team since day 1.”

About KORE1

KORE1 is a leading provider of staffing and recruiting solutions nationwide. They specialize in various resource delivery models, including projects, on-site team-based, off-site team-based, and staffing on a contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire basis. For additional information, visit www.kore1.com.