KORE1 Expands Accounting and Finance Services with Senior Director Kathy Herrmann

By Tom Kenaley on December 3, 2021 in Inside KORE1


KORE1 is pleased to announce the expansion of its accounting and finance services with the addition of Kathy Herrmann to the KORE1 team in Northern California. Kathy joins the team as Senior Director of Business Development and will be working with KORE1 Managing Director Marcus Guerro to grow KORE1’s accounting and finance practice. In this role, Kathy will drive new business, partner with clients to help them solve problems, manage client and consultant relationships, and work to increase KORE1’s presence in the Bay Area.

Kathy joins the KORE1 team with a wealth of industry experience. She spent over 10 years working as an accounting and finance professional in New York City for large companies like LVMH and Sony Music. After relocating to San Francisco, Kathy worked for 14 years with a global consulting firm as a Senior Client Service Director for accounting and finance. She spent the last two years as Senior Director of Business Development for a management consulting firm focused on data-driven solutions.

Impressed by KORE1’s culture and commitment to growth, Kathy appreciates KORE1’s flexibility and openness to new ideas and innovative strategies to grow the business. Her goal is to make KORE1 a trusted partner for clients by providing quality accounting and finance resources, and collaborating with KORE1’s internal team to drive net new business and grow KORE1’s footprint.

“I’m excited to return to the accounting and finance world and re-engage with my clients and contacts to help them solve their problems,” said Kathy. “I’m also excited to work with Marcus again. He was very instrumental in my decision to join KORE1. His integrity and commitment along with the incredible success he and Sylvia have achieved were very compelling.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Kathy to the KORE1 team and we’re excited to grow our presence in the Bay Area,” said Marcus Guerro, KORE1 Managing Director. “Kathy brings significant experience in business development, account management, and client services to her new role. As an accounting and finance professional, she understands our clients’ challenges and can speak credibly to the solutions we provide. Her experience in the areas of data analysis and visualization, tech enablement, and change management will also be a huge asset to KORE1.”

Outside of work, Kathy likes to travel and is excited to get back to travel post-pandemic. She also runs regularly and loves to ski, ice skate, roller blade, and hike. She just completed a year-long home renovation which she describes as “a great learning experience!”

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