With a growing need for experienced healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, labs and other medical facilities, the healthcare field is one in which choosing the right professionals could be a decision that means life or death. At KORE1, we understand the challenges and complexities of the industry and can deliver competent healthcare professionals to fulfill a wide spectrum of healthcare staffing needs.

What We Do

Contract Staffing – KORE1 can quickly provide an individual or team of consultants in the healthcare fields to supplement your existing staff.

Contract-to-Hire – You can evaluate the performance of a KORE1 healthcare consultant before committing to a long-term, permanent hiring decision.

Direct Hire Placement – When increased demand or employee turnover creates open positions, KORE1 will quickly source the healthcare professionals you need.

Payroll Services – KORE1’s payrolling services help alleviate some of the burden of back office administration of your contract workforce. When you hire our consultants, KORE1 takes care of payroll administration, including state and federal taxes and withholdings, direct deposit, and more.