KORE1’s Expands Engineering Staffing Solutions Nationwide

By Kore1 on April 9, 2018 in Engineering, Inside KORE1


Irvine, CA – KORE1, a top provider of staffing solutions nationwide, is excited to expand its engineering talent division to help organizations across the United States secure the highly skilled engineering talent they need to achieve pressing business goals and objectives. The company is focused on delivering the expertise required to support clients’ engineering projects at every phase of the concept-to-completion lifecycle and eager to grow its presence across a wide variety of functions in the engineering landscape.

“We are thrilled to expand our engineering practice, as hiring great engineers is a growing challenge for many employers,” said Brian Hunt, Senior Partner of KORE1. “While we’ve been fulfilling some engineering needs for a number of years, it has become clear that this is a key area for KORE1’s growth, and we are excited to continue developing our staffing and recruiting solutions in the evolving engineering marketplace.”

The engineering industry remains in a state of low unemployment, and despite an increased focus on STEM education, significant demand for skilled engineers has created a competitive hiring market. With nearly 140,000 new engineering positions projected to be created by 2026, KORE1’s existing engineering relationships and deep recruiting expertise will allow the company to help engineers locate positions that are the right fit for them while assisting organizations to fill their open roles.

This engineering focus will complement KORE1’s existing information technology and creative staffing services. KORE1 has been on a strong growth trend, with expansions into a number of new markets in 2017 and 2018, including Phoenix, Denver, Boston, Chicago, and Las Vegas. With an established background in IT and creative staffing, engineering is a natural next step for KORE1 with significant overlap in software and computer engineering talent.

“Engineers are the backbone of the economy as they facilitate the creation of new technologies and infrastructure,” said Steve Quarles, Senior Partner of KORE1. “We are excited to take a greater role in the engineering labor market and help organizations secure the top-tier engineers they need to stay competitive in their industries.”

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