The ordinary pressures and cost of growing your workforce by one person is already a strain. Yet when your organization depends on a steady stream of new talent, the logistical complexities and variable hiring costs increase at an exponential rate. With our recruitment process outsourcing solutions, KORE1 can provide your business with high-volume hires at a fraction of the cost.

What We Do

Sourcing – Hiring a single person requires your organization to review thousands of potential candidates in the blink of an eye. Multiplying your workforce compounds your burden. Our team of sourcers are trained to review active and passive candidates in accelerated timeframes, finding exceptional talent that fits your desired skill sets, work experience, and culture – when you need them.

Screening – High-volume shouldn’t mean low-quality hiring. By working with one of our Senior Recruiters, your organization will benefit from decades of recruitment experience capable of bringing you the highest quality professionals during the interview process.

Onboarding – A steady flow of talent depends on efficiency throughout the full recruitment lifecycle. Our Recruiting Coordinators oversee end-to-end recruiting processes by extending offers, onboarding talent, and supporting your KORE1 RPO staff.


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