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Hiring for the Evolving IT Role: From Tech Support to Business Partner

By Kevin Shearer on October 6, 2015 in IT Hiring


Fierce demand for top IT talent is forcing many organizations into a mad dash to extend job offers the moment they set eyes on the perfect fit. These companies have goals to meet, they are motivated by urgency, and the sooner they can fill empty positions the better. This doesn’t mean they’re not smart about […]


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How to Tune an IT Department

By Steve Quarles on September 18, 2014 in Information Technology


Information Technology is a mystery for most executives (specifically CEOs and CFOs.  If you poll all C-Level executives, I would bet most of them have a story about an IT project or budget that blew his earnings.  When a CEO has to explain to the board why an ERP implementation went $15 million over budget, […]


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