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About Kevin Shearer

Kevin leads the Irvine Branch for KORE1 as a Managing Director. Before his current role, he spent nearly 4 years as an Area Sales Manager, expanding the KORE1 team while building and retaining crucial client relationships. Prior to joining KORE1, Kevin began his career with Kimco Staffing. His experience in the staffing industry coupled with his dedicated work ethic have made him a strong leader in a competitive market. As Managing Director, Kevin strives to drive business expansion with a focus on training, developing, and overseeing Account Managers. He continues to strengthen the KORE1 brand in Southern California where he currently resides with his wife and newborn daughter. Kevin is passionate about family, friends, cooking, coffee, surfing, fishing, hiking, soccer, golf and technology. Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara.

The COVID Effect: How the Job Market Has Changed and What It Means for Your Business

You’ve probably seen the numbers. In April alone the American economy lost 20.5 million jobs. That’s the largest month-over-month increase in unemployment since 1948 following the end of World War II. While some industries have been especially impacted and forced to lay off employees (leisure and hospitality, entertainment and recreation, and retail, to name […]

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4 Reasons It’s Hard to Hire IT Engineers

Those who rely on engineering talent to achieve business goals have learned a hard truth in recent years: there’s a shortage of qualified engineering professionals in America. Making matters worse, finding engineers who specialize in IT is even harder. With so much demand and competition for talent, it’s no wonder roles like Software Engineer […]

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What Drives Tech Pros to New Jobs?

There has never been a better time to be a skilled worker in the tech field. A high number of job openings and low amount of available talent has created a frenzy of demand, and competition, for hiring IT professionals. This is a problem for employers, with hiring and retaining staff being a top […]

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KORE1 Helps Tech Company Identify and Build Team Focused on a CRM Implementation

A Fortune 50 technology company knew they needed a technical team in place to implement a new CRM system.  They needed a trusted partner who knew their organization and culture well enough to place the right people on this project.

KORE1’s reputation as an industry leader led the Client to work with us in finding […]

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How Long Should You Stay at Your Job? A Question for the Tech Community

How long have you been with your current employer? Just a few months? A few years? Ten years? And how many jobs have you had in your entire IT career? Last question: What are the reasons you’ve left previous jobs? Your answers to these questions say a lot about you as a person and […]

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Regional Vice President of IT for our Healthcare Client

KORE1 is proud to announce the successful placement of a Regional Vice President of IT for our client in the Healthcare industry.
Recently a KORE1 client in the Healthcare space went through organizational changes with their regional operations.  They decided to create a high-level, strategic IT leadership position within each of their regions.  This executive would […]

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Hiring for the Evolving IT Role: From Tech Support to Business Partner

Fierce demand for top IT talent is forcing many organizations into a mad dash to extend job offers the moment they set eyes on the perfect fit. These companies have goals to meet, they are motivated by urgency, and the sooner they can fill empty positions the better. This doesn’t mean they’re not smart […]

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The Secret to Optimizing Your Hiring Process in a Candidate Market

In the current market, where demand for IT professionals is high, candidates are often interviewing at more than one company simultaneously. It stands to reason that the companies with the shortest and most efficient hiring process have the highest chance of securing the best candidates.

If your company is feeling the pressure of this heightened […]

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