The COVID Effect: How the Job Market Has Changed and What It Means for Your Business

You’ve probably seen the numbers. In April alone the American economy lost 20.5 million jobs. That’s the largest month-over-month increase in unemployment since 1948 following the end of World War II. While some industries have been especially impacted and forced to lay off employees (leisure and hospitality, entertainment and recreation, and retail, to name […]

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3 Strategies to Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Career Success

Successful professionals don’t just fall into their career paths – they strategize and strive daily to be their best. They embrace growth, as well as failure, and understand that the ride to the top has both peaks and valleys. Luckily for us, we can learn from their experiences, and use that information to our […]

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The Secret to Identifying Highly-Skilled Software Developers

Differentiating between highly-skilled and amateur software developers during the recruitment process poses a unique challenge for hiring professionals. Evaluating the qualities necessary for an exceptional developer goes beyond their technical experience – how does one examine a candidate’s ability to innovate or think creatively? How do you determine if they will collaborate well with […]

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Interface Design and Development for Large Health Insurer

The Company: One of the largest, customer-owned health insurers in the US
Our client offers a variety of health and life insurance products and related services to employers and individuals.

The client was in the process of redesigning its employer, sales and consumer facing user interfaces in order to streamline internal operations and improve efficiency and brand experience for three primary audiences. With customerfacing work already under way, the client reached out to KORE1 to provide consultants for the experience design, testing, and development.


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How eLearning Can Boost Your Tech Career

As the technology landscape continues to shift and grow and deepen, so too do the various complexities of business processes, cybersecurity, customer engagement, and more. And yet, in most cases, the value of digitizing is far greater than the potential burden. This is especially true in the case of professional development and eLearning. In […]

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Why the “Cultural Fit vs. Functional Fit” Debate Matters in Creative Staffing

Unlike many other occupations, the creative field is one that depends heavily on soft skills (namely, creativity). And since soft skills are a major component of what is considered “cultural fit,” it stands to reason that cultural fit is more important than technical skills in placing the right creatives in open positions.

However, there’s danger […]

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How Long Should You Stay at Your Job? A Question for the Tech Community

How long have you been with your current employer? Just a few months? A few years? Ten years? And how many jobs have you had in your entire IT career? Last question: What are the reasons you’ve left previous jobs? Your answers to these questions say a lot about you as a person and […]

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Regional Vice President of IT for our Healthcare Client

KORE1 is proud to announce the successful placement of a Regional Vice President of IT for our client in the Healthcare industry.
Recently a KORE1 client in the Healthcare space went through organizational changes with their regional operations.  They decided to create a high-level, strategic IT leadership position within each of their regions.  This executive would […]

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