KORE1’s Tom Kenaley Promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President

By Steve Quarles on September 22, 2015 in Inside KORE1


KORE1, a national provider of highly technical recruiting and staffing solutions, is proud to announce that Tom Kenaley has been promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President at KORE1. Tom has been a front-line contributor to KORE1’s recent successes and will be critical to the company’s growth strategies over the coming years.

Tom has been a pivotal part of the KORE1 team since May 2011, using his extensive sales and healthcare expertise to broaden KORE1’s client base. His in-depth comprehension of clients’ technical and staffing project needs have led to the completion of many successful and profitable projects.

In his new role as Senior Partner and Vice President, Tom will be working directly with Steve Quarles, President of KORE1, to refine their big picture strategies. He will develop promising members of the company’s internal talent to efficiently provide Healthcare IT solutions and gain a stronger foothold in a highly demanding field. Additionally, his experience and direction will be indispensable as the company opens new offices and expands its geographic footprint.

“Having the opportunity to guide the next generation of KORE1 is an honor,” says Tom. “By mentoring internal talent to provide highly qualified healthcare IT solutions, I have an opportunity to help KORE1 retain and grow its status as a trusted partner. Since we intend to keep on extending our reach nationwide, that’s an important part of our long-term strategy.”

To learn more about the leadership guiding KORE1 and what their expertise can achieve for clients, visit our website http://www.kore1.com/about-us/leadership/.