4 Boston Tech Jobs on the Rise

By Jeff Sudati on February 26, 2018 in Candidates, Information Technology


Boston is thriving. By 2030, the city will have reached a population of 709,000, a number it has not seen since before 1960, and employees in the city are more productive than the average American worker. Boston’s tech sector is an integral part of the city’s success, with a mix of innovative startups and established companies bringing in strong professionals to fill the wide array of open Boston tech jobs.

This northeast technology mecca is consistently making lists of best destinations for tech transplants and top cybercities. Below, we’re investigating the reasons behind the city’s booming industry and which Boston tech jobs are in the highest demand.

Why Boston?

Beantown is home to a unique business ecosystem with a steady stream of highly educated talent from nearby research universities and, according to a recent Boston Globe article, “innovation clusters” where likeminded organizations share ideas, employees, and suppliers to promote growth. This innovative mindset has created a thriving startup scene, and venture capital investment in Boston technology companies has been steadily climbing. In fact, the city brings in almost 10% of U.S. venture capital investment, largely because of the booming technology industry.

With this influx of investment and innovation comes a boom in Boston tech jobs. The Cybercities 2017 report by Cyberstates ranks Boston fifth in IT sector employment behind New York City, San Jose, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Roughly one in 10 Bostonians works within the technology industry, which is one of the highest employment concentrations in the nation. These numbers are bolstered by both the robust startup scene and top-tier tech companies. As Boston’s technology industry continues to thrive, the demand for top IT talent will only grow.

4 Boston Tech Jobs to Watch

1. Software Developers: These professionals are already having a great year, as U.S. News and World Report’s survey of best jobs in America recently gave them the top slot. Software developer employment is projected to grow 24% between 2016 and 2026, which is far beyond the average projection. With almost 22,000 Application Software Developers employed in the Boston area as of mid-2016, continued development in Boston’s tech sector will drive parallel growth for Boston software developers.

2. Network and Computer Systems Administrators: Systems administrators are critical employees for every organization. The importance of technology is growing across all industries, allowing these tech professionals to weave their skills into their companies’ DNA. As Boston continues to thrive, network and computer systems administrators will be necessary additions for organizations across all sectors.

3. Computer Systems Analysts: At the center of both business and IT, computer systems analysts understand the full scope of their companies. The Boston area currently hosts more than 9,700 computer systems analysts. As tech becomes more integrated into business needs and companies migrate to cloud computing, this number will grow.

4. IT Project Managers: Across the nation, IT project managers are expected to have faster than average growth over the next 10 years. Currently, Boston has the fifth largest employment level for these professionals with 11,200 IT project managers in the area, and the need to expand digital platforms and ramp up cybersecurity will drive hiring for these professionals.

Boston’s Thriving Tech Community

The Boston area’s flourishing startup sector, strong reputation with established businesses, and innovative culture are multiplying the effects of tech industry growth, creating a wealth of opportunities for IT professionals. Just remember, if you’re seeking the next step in your career in Boston, you should know what you’re worth before you accept an offer.

Boston’s dynamic tech industry presents many opportunities for those with in-demand tech skills. Download our 2018 Boston IT Salary Guide to explore what you can do to succeed in the market.