The Future of Healthcare Technology: 5 Trends to Watch

By Kore1 on August 2, 2023 in Healthcare, Hiring


Despite recessionary pressure, high inflation rates, and labor shortages, the healthcare industry is still going strong. When it comes to employment growth, healthcare is outpacing every other major market sector. Through the introduction of new software and technologies, healthcare providers have achieved several significant advancements:

  • Expansion and fine-tuning of treatment options
  • Digitization of records for improved accessibility
  • Enhancement of notetaking and data accuracy
  • Safe acceleration of trial periods for drugs and treatments
  • Streamlined sharing of vital information and insights among providers and industry experts

These advancements, with more anticipated in the future, position technology as a central force shaping the healthcare landscape. As the healthcare sector continues to innovate, here are a few noteworthy trends to watch in 2023 and beyond.

5 Trends to Watch in Healthcare IT


Telehealth, once limited in accessibility, has become central to healthcare—especially for chronic ailments. Virtual care connects patients with otherwise inaccessible providers and provides a more efficient solution for those who might otherwise spend hours in a doctor’s office. Additionally, telehealth is a vital resource for psychological care, with virtual counseling and online therapy projected to grow by 14% through 2030.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accelerated approvals of medical AI tools, authorizing more than 520 devices as of October 2022. As more devices are approved, we’ll likely see an increase in AI throughout the administrative side of healthcare (e.g., revenue cycle management, clinical decision support, and patient engagement).

Consumer-level adoption of healthcare AI tools is also increasing through devices like smart watches and rings, empowering real-time tracking and long-term data analysis for improved health.

Training and Treatment Software

IT has revolutionized healthcare training through digital twins and simulations, which replicate organs and anatomies for research and planning. By studying digital twins’ responses to treatment options, healthcare professionals can refine their approaches, expediting drug design and trial periods.

Advancements in extended reality (XR), including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, are positioned to enhance both treatment and training of healthcare workers as well. By simulating real-time human reactions and providing safe environments for practice and coping mechanisms, XR allows both patients and professionals to thrive.


As technology integration increases, cybersecurity has emerged as a crucial concern for the healthcare industry. From 2016 to 2021, the annual number of ransomware attacks on hospitals more than doubled. Almost half of the attacks disrupted the delivery of health care, with common disruptions including electronic system downtime, cancellations of scheduled care, and ambulance diversion.

Breaches of patient information have led healthcare organizations to boost cybersecurity budgets. With a focus on securing data at rest and in transit, organizations have begun implementing a variety of strategies including:

  • Requiring two-factor authentication
  • Establishing data recovery systems
  • Partnering with specialized defense providers
  • Conducting additional and ongoing training
  • Adopting Zero Trust principles

Healthcare Industry Growth

With a greater emphasis on personalized medicine and innovative approaches, healthcare providers are delivering high-quality and patient-centered services. Moreover, the integration of digital health solutions has further accelerated the industry’s growth, enhancing accessibility and improving healthcare outcomes.

In areas such as AI, software design, cybersecurity, and beyond, the healthcare industry offers exciting prospects for IT professionals to contribute their expertise and for businesses to innovate. With the ongoing emergence of new tech-based solutions, the need for these IT experts is paramount to propel the future of healthcare—and your organization—forward.

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