What Drives Tech Pros to New Jobs?

There has never been a better time to be a skilled worker in the tech field. A high number of job openings and low amount of available talent has created a frenzy of demand, and competition, for hiring IT professionals. This is a problem for employers, with hiring and retaining staff being a top […]

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8 of the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2017

When it comes to rising IT compensation, a perfect storm has quickly crossed the country and changed tech landscapes everywhere. The national IT unemployment rate sits at 2.8%, setting the stage for a shortage of tech workers. In Chicago, there’s been a 34.9% increase in tech positions since 2010, which indicates healthy demand. Meanwhile, […]

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The Most In-Demand Creative Jobs for 2017

The digital revolution and continued advancement of new technology has fueled job growth in many areas, including in the creative industry. In particular, the digital media sector has driven a strong demand for creative roles required in producing modern advertisements, experiences, and products. With mobile usage skyrocketing and digital media agencies enjoying growth that […]

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Getting to the KORE with Tom Kenaley

Name: Tom Kenaley

Title: Senior Partner and Vice President

Email Address:

College/University: San Diego State University-California State University

Tom joined KORE1 in the fall of 2011 and quickly became a key member of the management team.  His work ethic and his client relationship skills have allowed KORE1 to forge deep relationships with very large enterprise clients.  In addition to managing […]

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Women in Technology: Resources for Building the Future

Despite the unprecedented growth of the IT industry, the diversity of its workforce has remained relatively unchanged. Only 25% of U.S. IT workers are female, emphasizing the fact that women are still underrepresented in the field. In order to move toward a more inclusive future, it’s important to take a look at the underpinnings […]

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Here’s Your 2017 IT & Creative Salary Guide

Did you know 37% of IT professionals plan on searching for a new job this year? And 59% of those professionals say they’re underpaid.

On the creative side, there are six open positions for every active candidate. The marketing and advertising industry is the second fastest growing sector in Inc. 5000 companies.

Those are eye-opening statistics. […]

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Exploring the Top Challenges for IT Executives

It is difficult to imagine a workplace in any industry that does not rely on technology to some extent. More and more, we are becoming dependent on the digital world every day. When it works well, most employees don’t think twice about the technology at their fingertips, but as soon as a program crashes […]

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KORE1 Hires Sales Manager Ryan Grozinski for Philadelphia Office

KORE1, a leading provider of IT and creative staffing solutions nationwide, is excited to announce the hiring of Ryan Grozinski to oversee the Philadelphia, PA office located at 1650 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

“I’m honored to represent KORE1 in my hometown of Philadelphia,” said Ryan. “I know firsthand that there are tremendous opportunities here, […]

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Getting to the KORE with Devin Hornick

Name: Devin Hornick

Title: Senior Partner and Senior Vice President

Email Address:

College/University: University of Southern California

Devin Hornick is a 20 year staffing and recruiting veteran currently leading as Sr. Partner & Vice President with Kore1 Technologies in Irvine, CA. Devin joined the executive leadership team at Kore1 in September 2013 to build out a direct hire/search division and […]

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Forge54: Creatives Coming Together for Charity

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to participate in the Forge54 charity event, and it was a rewarding experience that I encourage anyone to join in the future. Forge54 brought together over 100 creative and marketing professionals to donate 54 hours of their time to develop marketing materials for a chosen charity. This year’s […]

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