KORE1 Works With Top Engineering Firm on UI / UX Project

By Tom Kenaley on May 17, 2016 in Recent Placement


Recently, KORE1 worked with one of the top ranked engineering firms in the nation to help them with a user experience project.  The site needed to be simple to use, maintain and capable of scaling with their current cloud-based solution.  They also needed the site content, messaging and target audience to be refined with easy-to-navigate UI.

The client engaged KORE1 to help them find the talent needed to complete this project.  They were looking for professionals that excelled in SAAS, .Net4.5, jQuery, BootStrap, and SQL 2012 (just to name a few).  KORE1 provided two consultants: one in a senior role and the other more junior.  Together, they worked on the UI / UX project for twelve months and were able to finish the project on time and within budget.

The client had this to say about the experience: “KORE1 was very responsive and did a great job of finding the right developers for our project.  They had to be flexible in adjusting to the types of needs we had based on the varied levels of the positions we needed to find.”


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