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Getting to the KORE with Kelly Barker

Name: Kelly Barker

Title: Director of Digital | Creative Talent

Email Address:

Kelly has been immersed in the staffing industry for over 10 years, matching amazingly talented individuals who possess Creative, Digital, Marketing, and Advertising expertise with innovative companies. As Kore1’s Director of Digital and Creative Talent, Kelly treats recruiting and staffing like an art form, channeling her […]

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How Merging Creative and Technology Affects Hiring

The bridging of creative and technology functions is nothing new. After all, the creative genius behind the most beautiful websites and mobile apps could never have come into being without the coding and networking skills of a whole host of tech gurus. Collaboration is key, and many companies have mastered this. However, many organizations are […]

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Considering a Career Change? Best Creative Jobs for 2016

If workplace misery and boredom have you watching the clock obsessively up until the last minute before the holidays begin, then it’s probably time to take your career in a new direction. Fortunately, the ball’s in your court. Demand for creative professionals is soaring, which means your upcoming New Year’s resolution of finding a […]

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