Helping Your Community Helps Your Career: Devin Hornick Shares His Insight

By Steve Quarles on July 21, 2015 in Candidates


How are you using your professional abilities to help make a difference? KORE1 partner Devin Hornick was recently interviewed by Russ Williams, founder of Passkeys Foundation, to discuss exactly that.

Passkeys is a nonprofit foundation focused on inspiring Orange County leaders to use their skills and resources for the good of their community. This weekly video feature takes the time to interview influencers within the OC business and professional community to find out how they’re making a difference.

In this video, Devin shares his career insights into the current California technology market, commenting that he believes the dot-com market of the 90s pales in comparison to the wild demand for technology professionals that he’s seeing today.

The question, though, is what happens after the 9-5 workday? Devin shares that throughout his entire career, he’s been dedicated to helping professionals and executives in their career paths. His colleagues and connections in his professional network never hesitate to introduce him to people who he may be able to help connect to the right people or the right opportunities.

Watch the video below for more.