Why You Should Sell for the IT Staffing Industry

By Steve Quarles on October 12, 2017 in Sales


The sales field is massive. Even though the titles of many sales positions are the same, the role looks vastly different across industries. The struggles, opportunities, and even day-to-day responsibilities can vary. However, there is always one constant: salespeople for any industry work hard and risk burning out over the years. When it’s time to make a change for the betterment of your sales career and personal life, the best thing you can do is to begin selling for the vibrant IT staffing industry. Here’s why.

It’s Where the Action Is

Whereas other industries have stalled and risk bringing the element of boredom into sales job descriptions, IT staffing is quite the opposite. Over the last 15 years, IT employment in the U.S. has increased more than 36% compared to 7.5% for total employment. But this rapid growth is not the only factor causing excitement.  A massive demand for tech skills coupled with the low supply of talent created a skills shortage that has driven the tech unemployment rate to 2.5%.

In certain IT niches such as cybersecurity that become increasingly critical with each breaking-news ransomware attack, the unemployment rate is a stunning 0%. Considering these facts, it’s no wonder there are over half a million tech pros leaving their current positions each month as they are lured in by huge paychecks and benefits packages. For salespeople, it’s truly a perfect storm. Clients are willing to pay a premium to get tech talent, staffing firms are investing heavily in resources for their staff, and the thrill of the chase is one that is unrivaled.

Variety Is Abundant

At this very moment within a mile from your current location there may be dozens or even hundreds of different organizations. Think of any one of those places, and imagine what would happen if all technology was removed from it. It’s no secret that technology powers a tremendous number of different establishments. Instead of selling in the same environment day in and day out, an IT staffing salesperson enjoys seeing the inside of hospitals, banks, schools, universities, retailers, malls, cruise ships, airports, government offices, public infrastructure facilities, and nearly any other entity imaginable. In financial technology alone, the need for talent is so strong that $22 billion is being invested each year. With so much necessity for IT pros everywhere, the variety that the field brings is a perk that few other sales professionals get to enjoy.

Making a Difference

Selling for the staffing industry in general will put you in a line of work that makes a positive difference in people’s lives by connecting excellent companies with thankful talent. But selling in IT staffing takes making a difference to the next level. When a major hospital needs a security expert and they turn to you, the safety of thousands of patients is in your hands. Through the talent your organization provides, you can quite literally save lives by preventing disastrous ransomware attacks that have crippled hospital equipment at critical times. Not only that, but working in IT staffing has the potential to support underrepresented demographics in the field, providing a boost to professional lives. Any way it’s looked at, selling in IT staffing makes a difference.

Access to the Best Resources

One of the most frustrating things for a sales professional is to have their abilities limited by outdated tools or a lack of resources. But when you’re working for a reputable IT staffing firm, you’re connected to the greatest tech minds in the world. The days of sluggish computer programs bogging down your fast pace are gone. The latest computer software can assist with your day-to-day tasks, alongside other up-and-coming technologies that come along with the perks of being an early adopter. In other words, you’ll be a technological leader in the sales industry.

The Paychecks are Bigger

One of the biggest incentives to sell for the IT staffing industry are the pay days. Here, it comes down to simple math. With a skills shortage squeezing employers, keeping them short on staff with open roles that are vacant longer than necessary and likely causing productivity issues, organizations are willing to pay top dollar to get the talent they need quickly. When you can alleviate this major headache for a client by connecting them with a staffing firm, you’re rewarded with a great margin. While compensation for Sales Managers can vary widely from $48,000 to $121,000 across industries, those in IT staffing enjoy being on the upper end of that spectrum.

Elevate Your Sales Career

Working in sales, you already know there’s no sugar coating it. Your role is demanding, and will be even in the exciting IT staffing industry. But if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. For those who are ready to tackle the challenges of selling in IT staffing, the rewards will be abundant. At KORE1, we provide our workforce with the tools, resources, and support they need to be successful.

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