The Hiring & Salary Guide to Get Ahead of the 2020 Landscape

By Kore1 on November 18, 2019 in Information Technology, IT Hiring, IT Salary


In an employment market where candidates have the upper hand, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. A number of things could happen in the coming year: unemployment may continue to fall, technological advancements could widen the already-extensive national skills gap, an economic downturn might even turn the entire workforce on its head – there are countless possibilities.

Rather than waste time prophesizing what the new decade may (or may not) have in store, use this time to plan. Our 2020 salary guide was developed to help you tackle your hiring challenges head on, regardless of the future of our employment landscape. Seasoned recruiters and consultants collaborated to bring you their most valuable tools, such as:

– Emerging hiring trends
– In-demand skill sets to recruit for
– 2020 salary data
– & more!

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