Salary negotiation

4 Realistic Tactics for Negotiating Salary in Your Next IT Job

We often notice two distinct types of people in our searches for the right IT candidates. The first are candidates who are uncomfortable talking about money, so they don’t. The others are overly confident about how much they think they’re worth and hastily skip ahead to salary negotiation without much forethought or preparation. Either way, it’s a mistake waiting to happen. Here’s our two cents about tactics for negotiating salary in your next IT job. […]

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Year of the 5K: How Employers Can Avoid the #1 Salary Negotiation Mistake

It’s no secret that the IT market is booming. Demand for top tech talent is sustaining its upward trajectory, especially in Southern California. Given the demand, it’s far from uncommon for candidates to receive 2-3 job offers at the same time. Though you want to avoid hiring purely money-motivated candidates, you can’t ignore the […]

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