Author: Steve Quarles

4 Sales Industry Trends Impacting Your Career

October 23, 2017 in Sales


Sales roles may be some of the oldest positions in business, but that doesn’t mean sales techniques have remained the same. Over the years a number of innovations have come and gone, some destined to remain brief fads while others have ingrained themselves into the fabric of a sales professional’s process. When evaluating which sales […]


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Why You Should Sell for the IT Staffing Industry

October 12, 2017 in Sales


The sales field is massive. Even though the titles of many sales positions are the same, the role looks vastly different across industries. The struggles, opportunities, and even day-to-day responsibilities can vary. However, there is always one constant: salespeople for any industry work hard and risk burning out over the years. When it’s time to […]


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8 of the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2017

March 27, 2017 in IT Hiring, IT Salary


When it comes to rising IT compensation, a perfect storm has quickly crossed the country and changed tech landscapes everywhere. The national IT unemployment rate sits at 2.8%, setting the stage for a shortage of tech workers. In Chicago, there’s been a 34.9% increase in tech positions since 2010, which indicates healthy demand. Meanwhile, in […]


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2016 IT Salary Guide for Southern California

February 10, 2016 in IT Salary


Demand in Southern California continues to grow while the tech industry maintains its driving force in the region. Despite this upward trajectory, it appears that the supply of available IT professionals simply falls short. This has led to stiff competition between companies, increased average salaries, and creative tactics to overcome the challenge of this talent […]


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KORE1’s Devin Hornick Promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President

September 23, 2015 in Inside KORE1


KORE1, a highly technical recruiting and staffing solutions firm with nationwide influence, is pleased to announce that Devin Hornick has been promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President at KORE1. Devin has been the lead producer at the company, driving the team towards client service excellence and growing KORE1’s connections to fit the business community […]


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KORE1’s Tom Kenaley Promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President

September 22, 2015 in Inside KORE1


KORE1, a national provider of highly technical recruiting and staffing solutions, is proud to announce that Tom Kenaley has been promoted to Senior Partner and Vice President at KORE1. Tom has been a front-line contributor to KORE1’s recent successes and will be critical to the company’s growth strategies over the coming years. Tom has been […]


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How to Determine Cultural Fit in IT Candidates

September 2, 2015 in IT Hiring


When an open IT position means lost performance in the face of looming deadlines, urgency in the hiring process is key – especially when the demand for IT talent is so much higher than the supply. But urgency can come with a cost, and needs to be carefully balanced with taking the time to thoroughly […]


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Behind the Scenes with the KORE1 Team: Brent Underhill

July 29, 2015 in Inside KORE1


In the staffing industry, it’s easy for someone to say they’re working with your best interests in mind. But you need someone who can walk the talk. Meet Brent Underhill, KORE1’s Director of Recruiting. It’s his job to recruit top tech talent for our clients. Brent joined the KORE1 team four years ago and has […]


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Helping Your Community Helps Your Career: Devin Hornick Shares His Insight

July 21, 2015 in Candidates


How are you using your professional abilities to help make a difference? KORE1 partner Devin Hornick was recently interviewed by Russ Williams, founder of Passkeys Foundation, to discuss exactly that. Passkeys is a nonprofit foundation focused on inspiring Orange County leaders to use their skills and resources for the good of their community. This weekly […]


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