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About Tom Kenaley

Tom is a Managing Partner at KORE1. His work ethic and his client relationship skills have allowed KORE1 to forge deep relationships with very large enterprise clients. In addition to managing key relationships, Tom is responsible for our Healthcare Practice and our Workforce Management Practice.

The 3-Step Guide for Preparing Your Business for an Economic Downturn

Nearly 75% of economists believe the nation will be in recession by the year 2021.

Almost more confounding than that is the fact that, while 80% of business owners fear an economic downturn, a mere 44% have done anything to prepare. Even then, an astounding 36% shared that they have no intention to make any […]

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3 Tech Trends Changing the Face of Healthcare

As the average human life expectancy continues to gradually increase, the focus of the healthcare industry has dramatically shifted. Since the dawn of modern medicine, healthcare systems have been reactive. They wait for one to become sick before any action is taken. Now, with 50% of disease attributed to chronic illness, proactive and preventative […]

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How eLearning Can Boost Your Tech Career

As the technology landscape continues to shift and grow and deepen, so too do the various complexities of business processes, cybersecurity, customer engagement, and more. And yet, in most cases, the value of digitizing is far greater than the potential burden. This is especially true in the case of professional development and eLearning. In […]

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KORE1 Works With Top Engineering Firm on UI / UX Project

Recently, KORE1 worked with one of the top ranked engineering firms in the nation to help them with a user experience project.  The site needed to be simple to use, maintain and capable of scaling with their current cloud-based solution.  They also needed the site content, messaging and target audience to be refined with easy-to-navigate […]

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Exploring the Generational Shift in the Southern California Tech Industry

The tech industry seems to have been welcoming rapid change since the day the first email was successfully sent between two different computers. The 45 years since then have seen a major paradigm shift in the way we work and communicate. However, it’s clear that as those people who experienced that initial evolution of […]

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Data Warehousing Project for a Healthcare Client

KORE1 is proud to announce the successful completion of a Data Warehousing Project for a client in the Healthcare industry
Position Summary:
Like most healthcare organizations, our client had data in multiple formats and in multiple locations.  Some of the data was highly confidential (like patient records) while other data was more general.   Their goal was […]

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What to Do When Deciding Between Multiple Job Offers

We’ve spent a lot of time taking a look at the employer’s perspective of the current IT market in the Southern California region. By now, it’s clear that demand is skyrocketing and companies are getting competitive for the top tech talent. The only conclusion is that it’s a candidate’s market, plain and clear.

But what […]

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Is Compensation Enough to Retain Top IT Talent?

We’ve established that the salary conversation is essential when attracting and retaining top IT talent. But figuring out how much to pay tech professionals is just a fraction of the big picture. Even if you’ve done thorough research, using resources like our Southern California IT Salary Guide, to ensure your compensation packages meet or […]

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