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Robert co-founded Kore1 in 2005, with the intent to establish an exceptional brand within the staffing and recruiting industry. We have grown into a full service recruiting and consulting company, specializing in the fields of IT, sales & marketing, and accounting & finance. From the beginning, we were committed to initiating quality relationships with our candidates, while building a reputation for exceptional follow up and customer service. Today, Kore1 is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

How Much Should You Be Paying Your IT Employees?

In an industry that’s equal parts “who you know” and “who knows you,” any conversation which raises the question “how much should you pay an IT professional” can often run the risk of being a little awkward. In the Southern California tech field, that’s often the case: Many of us are well networked, and […]

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IT Salary Guide: Southern California

Unemployment in the IT sector is at an all-time low, while demand for top tech talent continues to skyrocket. This can only mean one thing: Increased salaries for the best IT professionals.

If you’re a business and among the 72% of companies planning to hire IT staff this year, you’ll inevitably be faced with the […]

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